Learn and apply basic gardening skills from the comfort of your own home through these online learning opportunities!

The Beginner's Garden View Online Courses

Signature Courses

Dream to Garden

Create a personalized full-season plan to grow what you love to eat and replace trips to the market with harvests from your OWN garden!

Harvest to Kitchen

Come in my garden and kitchen with me and learn how to harvest, prepare, and begin to preserve your own garden’s bounty!

Harvest to Kitchen Mini-Bundles:

Before You Sow

Seed Growing Principles You MUST Know Before You Plant, including which to plant from seed, which to plant as transplants, how to know if indoor seed starting is right for you, and more!

Raised Bed Mini-Bundle

Your raised bed quick-start guide to planning, building, filling, and growing a garden in raised beds.

Garden JumpStart 5-Day Challenge

Get a jump start on next season’s garden through reflecting on your previous garden, uncovering hidden opportunities, and pre-planning some of your most important projects and tasks.

Garlic Workshop

Prepare, plant, grow, and harvest your own garlic in this deep-dive mini-course. Created to get through quickly, you’ll be planting and harvesting your own garlic in no time!

Beginners Guide to Pest Control

In this 4-session self-paced video mini-course, learn practical and organic methods to prevent and manage pest outbreaks before they start.

Beginners Guide to Growing Herbs

In this 4-session self-paced video mini-course, learn how to plant and grow your own kitchen herbs. From when they grow to how to care for them, you’ll feel confident to grow your own herbs for using in your kitchen.

Companion Planting 101

In this course you will find the fundamental strategies for productive companion Planting that won’t make your head spin