garlic workshop

Learn how to grow your own garlic -- from preparation through growing to saving seed garlic for next season!

Here's what you'll learn in this on-demand workshop:

  • What kind to plant (hardneck or softneck)
  • When to plant
  • How to prepare the soil & plant
  • How to fertilize & irrigate
  • When to harvest
  • How to cure & store
  • How to save for next year's planting

Watch when it's convenient for you! This workshop has been broken up into ten bite-size videos. Each video is less than 9 minutes -- that way, you can learn what you need to know fast and get to planting and growing your own garlic now!

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Hosted by Jill McSheehy

Jill is the creator and host of the Beginner's Garden Podcast and has been growing garlic for a decade.

After getting decent harvests for years, the past three years have yielded her best garlic ever. Learn what she discovered and expert tips in this 10-session workshop so you can grow your best garlic ever, too!

What you'll learn:


Learn which garlic types are best for which climates, when to plant, how to prepare the soil, when to mulch, and what to expect after planting.


Learn what garlic needs during its growth and what you can do to help it thrive.


Learn the key to knowing when to harvest and what to expect based on your climate. Also, learn how to harvest, cure, and store garlic for eating and saving for next season's planting.

Real Results!

boy with garlic harvest

"I loved your garlic workshop. Watching it last year is what made my harvest a success. It was precise and to the harvest was such a success that I don’t have to purchase anything to plant this year because I am planting some of my harvest. Thank you Jill!"

- Becky

garlic harvest hanging

"This is a tiny portion of the garlic that I successfully harvested due to your garlic workshop. The price was so low compared to the knowledge I gained and the success I am enjoying! We harvested 200 heads of garlic and have saved 25 heads to be planted this fall! This many course was a blessing! Thank you!"

- Danya

garlic harvest on grass

"I had always wanted to grow garlic so I was excited to take your “Beginner’s Garden Garlic Workshop” and I’m so happy I did! You covered everything from kinds of garlic to how to store your garlic harvest...I planted in a raised bed and my garlic was so good that my next door neighbor (who’s been growing garlic for years) was jealous!"

- Ann (New York)

What's Inside the Workshop

Garlic Workshop Lessons

More Real Results!

“Thanks to Jill's garlic workshop I felt confident to grow garlic for the first time. I was very pleased with my harvest and look forward to seeing how long it will last us.
I feel so proud to have grown my own garlic. I was nervous about curing but it worked exactly like you said!!”

- Karen

“I attended your garlic workshop and thought it was a fantastic overview for someone like myself who had never grown garlic! Your course gave me the confidence to move forward with planting Biggest takeaways were regarding the differences between the soft and hard neck varieties, the nitty gritty of how to plant, timing of harvesting and how to cure.”

- Cathy

Yes, YOU can grow your own garlic, too!

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