Learn how to
pick, prep, preserve, & store
the herbs you worked so hard to grow!

Come inside my garden and kitchen and learn skills, techniques, and preservation recipes to make the most of your harvest!

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You've carefully selected and planted herbs for your garden.

They look like they're ready to harvest.

But are they?

And how do you harvest them without hurting the plant?

What do you do with them to preserve them?

The sheer task of learning it all seems overwhelming,
not to mention the actual doing it...it almost seems like too much.

Let's face it -- there's nothing more frustrating than spending all your time and effort to grow your garden, only to realize you have no idea what to do with it when the harvest actually starts coming.

Sure, eating fresh isn't too difficult to figure out. But can you preserve your herbs for later use?

You may think preserving is too difficult. You fear investing your time and money into something you're not even sure will turn out well. Maybe you're a little bit afraid of doing it wrong.

Other gardeners make it look easy. But for you, you think your questions seem silly. You didn't have a grandma bring you into her kitchen and show you how it's done. The resources online and in books get overwhelming...fast.

If only you had someone to show you how it's done. That would be a game changer for you. Just imagine:

  • confidently harvesting at the proper time because you know the signs to look for
  • watching how dehydrating is done instead of only reading about it
  • stocking your pantry and freezer with herbs you can use year-round

The problem? Not knowing when to harvest, which method of preserving is right for you or for each crop, and how to make sure it's done safely, often make preservation seem like more trouble than it's worth.

But what if there's a way to make it doable for you -- and maybe even...FUN?

Hello! I'm Jill!

And I want to help you confidently harvest and preserve the garden you worked so hard to grow.

My first year as a gardener, I dove into food preservation, because my goal was to grow food for my family. But I soon learned how much I missed by not having a grandma or mom teach me how to do those things.

I did a few important things right, though. I followed recipes tested for safety. I spent hours in research -- research that paid off. I jumped in and learned by doing.

But all the while, I wished I had someone SHOW me how it was done.

Sure, I still had good results -- enough to keep doing it -- but...

I would have saved myself time and money if I could have watched and learned from someone who had been doing it for years.

Have you ever had these questions?

  • When do I know when an herb can be harvested?
  • How much of the plant can I harvest without harming it?
  • After I harvest, what do I do to prepare it for storage?
  • Which herbs can I dehydrate and which can I freeze?
  • What other ways can I use these herbs?

If yes, then consider what's possible...

Imagine trading your uncertainty for the confidence and skills you need to
pick, prep, preserve, & store
the harvest you've worked so hard for.

homegrown spices

Here's what that would look like...

  • Know WHEN to harvest
    ...because picking too early or too late can impact the quality of your fresh or preserved product.
  • Know WHERE to store (refrigerator or counter...or somewhere else?)
    ...so that you can keep the product fresh longer, whether you plan to preserve or not
  • Decide whether to freeze or dehydrate
    ...depending on the crop and what you want the final product to be
  • Watch step by step
    ...and follow along so you know precisely what to do
  • Begin with basic recipes
    ...so you don't get overwhelmed but can still stock your pantry with staples

Every video and lesson is packed full of vital information to get you started right, every step of the way.


harvest to kitchen herbs

The Online Course that will give you the skills to pick, prep, preserve, and store your harvest of herbs.

Whether you want to make the most of your fresh harvest, you want to make preserving a way of life, or you fall somewhere in the middle, come alongside me as I harvest, prepare, and preserve my harvest.

I’ve taken my decade of experience harvesting and preserving 80%+ of the produce our family eats, and I'm bringing you alongside my own process.

The end result? You will learn how to harvest and preserve much of what you've grown and stock your pantry with your own homegrown food! 

If food security is important to you, and you want to learn how to use and preserve every bit you can, this is an opportunity I promise you will not want to miss.

"It brings me so much joy to grow my own food year round and I feel like I have gained the confidence to do so because of this course..."


harvest to kitchen herbs

Harvest to Kitchen - HERBS

is the ONLY program of its kind that 

  • Teaches you the cues to know the BEST TIME to harvest the herbs you're growing
  • Demonstrates with "in the kitchen" videos that you can follow along with
  • Offers printable recipes for most of the products demonstrated
  • Explains options when some crops can be preserved in multiple ways
  • Teaches you the "why" behind the "how" so you can apply the principles beyond the course

If you’re ready to stop piecing together random articles on the Internet or videos on Youtube, here's a snapshot of what you'll get in one place with Harvest to Kitchen HERBS:

How to harvest herbs plus recipes of how to use them

How to Dry Herbs options for hanging and dehydrating.

How to freeze herbs like parsley

Unique uses for herbs
like in household cleaner and tea

Yes, YOU can do this.

No longer wonder whether your crops are ready to harvest or whether you're taking the proper steps to preserve food safely. Watch the videos at your own pace based on what's harvesting for you and learn this skill set that will serve you for a lifetime.

Here's What You Get When You Enroll Today

harvest to kitchen herbs

Harvest to Kitchen HERBS Online Course Videos

With over 24 video-driven lessons (and counting), I'll walk you step by step through how to pick, prep, preserve, and store the most common herbs in a home garden, such as:


  • When & How to Harvest
  • How to Dehydrate
  • Pesto Recipe
  • Other Preservation Methods


  • When to Harvest
  • How to Dehydrate
  • Recipes for Teas and Household Cleaners


  • When to Harvest
  • Options for Storage


  • When to Harvest
  • How to Dehydrate
  • How to Freeze


  • When to Harvest
  • How to Store


  • When to Harvest
  • Options for Preservation
  • How to Harvest Coriander


  • When to Harvest
  • How to Dehydrate
  • Recipe for a Cold Care Tea


  • When to Harvest
  • How to Dehydrate
  • Recipe for Teas

Not only that...you also get

Printable Recipes

For recipes not copyright protected, we've made it easy for you to print out the exact recipes I use in Harvest to Kitchen! (For those under copyright, we show you exactly where to find them.)

Learn how to
pick, prep, preserve, & store
the herbs you worked so hard to grow!

harvest to kitchen herbs

Harvest to Kitchen Herbs

  • Lifetime access to Harvest to Kitchen's Herbs
  • Over 24 video demonstration lessons
  • Printable Recipes

Growing more than herbs?

Then, you might want to consider upgrading to our full Harvest to Kitchen course. Below is a breakdown of the differences:

harvest to kitchen herbs

Harvest to Kitchen HERBS

Learn how to pick, prepare, and preserve herbs:

  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Dill
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Parsley
  • Lemon Balm
  • Printable Recipes


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Harvest to Kitchen (FULL COURSE)

Learn how to pick, prepare, and preserve herbs and vegetables:

  • All herbs in Harvest to Kitchen HERBS plus
  • Summer veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, squash, and peppers
  • Root veggies like onions, garlic, and carrots
  • Other veggies like lettuce and peas
  • Canning, freezing, and dehydrating demonstrations
  • Printable Recipes


What people ask before enrolling in the course:

I don't have the equipment you have; can I still put into practice what you teach in Harvest to Kitchen?

In most instances, if I'm using a particular tool, I mention other options if you don't have it. If you are interested in a tool I use, the Resources section in the beginning of the course will have links for those tools.

Are all the recipes you use in the course available to print inside the course?

Most of them are, yes, in the Resources section for you to print. The only ones that are not available are ones I used directly from a published cookbook. I let you know which recipes those are and how to get a copy of that book if you want.

What if I have questions as I go through the course?

The comments section of the course is open for you to ask questions along the way, and I'll respond as promptly as I can.

When I enroll, what will I get access to first?

You'll get access to all of it! You can pick and choose which video lessons to watch based on where you're at in your harvest.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does "lifetime" sound? As long as I still sell and maintain the course (and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon), you have full access to the course platform, including any future updates. If at some point I choose to close the course or change the way it's updated, you'll be given the opportunity to download the videos to access anytime on your own device.

Harvest to Kitchen Herbs is perfect for you if...

  • You are growing herbs (or plan to), and you want to make the most of them when they're ready to harvest.
  • You get overwhelmed at the thought of so many preservation options, and you don't know where to start.
  • You want basic recipes to begin with -- nothing too fancy yet.
  • You're not sure if you want to do all the preservation methods demonstrated, but if you saw them in action you know that would help you decide.
  • You need to know what you haven't thought to ask, especially when it comes to when to pick and how to preserve safely.


If you've said "Yes" to at least 3 of the above, Harvest to Kitchen - Herbs is EXACTLY what you need!