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  • 2024 Garden Planner

    2024 Complete Garden Planner & Journal


    You want a garden planner to take you from the earliest stages of planning your season all the way through your harvest. It’s important that you can customize it to fit your particular garden’s needs. You want a journal to record the details you’ll forget otherwise. It would be nice to print out the pages you need and skip the ones you don’t. And maybe, you could use a few tips to help you out along the way.

    The Complete Garden Planner fits all of those things, making it the most comprehensive yet customizable printable garden planner and journal on the market.

  • 2024 Simple Garden Planner


    I created the Simple Garden Planner because I simply couldn’t find a garden organizer to fit my purposes in a sequence that made sense to me. With this printable planner, print as many of the pages as you need and leave out the ones you don’t. Use it how ever you’d like! Pages include topics…

  • Before You Sow E-Book


    Before you begin to sow seeds this year, this e-book will guide you through what you need to know in order to have success with your garden this year.

  • Beginner’s Garden QuickStart Guide E-Book


    Plan, plant, and grow your own garden in as few as 30 minutes per week — no experience necessary!

    The Beginner’s Garden QuickStart Guide will take you from planting to planting and beyond in this step-by-step, easy to read eBook.

  • GreenStalk Growing Guide


    Are you interested in a GreenStalk Veritcal Planter? Maybe you just purchased your first GreenStalk and you have some of these questions: -Are you wanting to know which of the planters are right for you? -How to assemble it and fill it up? -What should you plant in it and what should you NOT plant…

  • Raised Bed Garden Layout Designs

    Raised Bed Garden Layout Designs


    In this pack of 16 Raised Bed Garden Layout Designs, you’ll get “in-the-box” plans for a variety of garden designs based on what you’re planting. Choose from ideas such as Salsa Garden, Spaghetti Garden, Relish Garden, Summer Variety, Spring Extender, Patchwork Lettuce Bowl, and more!


  • The Simple Garden Planner Printable Download

    The Simple Garden Planner Printable Download


    The Simple Garden Planner helps you organize your garden from planning through harvest and beyond.

    • Layout grids help you map out your garden.
    • Handy vegetable spacing and companion planting references help guide you as you plant.
    • Garden logs organized by both plant and date give you flexibility to keep track of your crops the way you prefer.
    • Harvest, Freezing, and Canning logs help you keep track of your harvest, which aid in planning for next season.
    • Garden recap space gives you the ability to plan for next year based on what worked (or didn’t) this year.
    • Ample notes space for you to use as you wish.

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