Beginner’s Garden QuickStart Guide E-Book


Plan, plant, and grow your own garden in as few as 30 minutes per week — no experience necessary!

The Beginner’s Garden QuickStart Guide will take you from planting to planting and beyond in this step-by-step, easy to read eBook.



Written for the beginning gardener, The Beginner’s Garden QuickStart Guide is a PDF E-book that you can read on your tablet or e-reader. From the critical step of planning your garden through the timing and instructions to planting both cool weather and summer crops, this guide will help even the most novice of gardeners create a rewarding, successful garden. The garden you long to have is within your reach. And with this guide, you can cut out the hours of research and skip the most common mistakes beginning gardeners make.

Get your garden started with the Beginner’s Garden QuickStart guide!


Plan Your Garden
1 – Identify Your Garden Goals
2 – Plan Your Garden Space
3 – Determine the Size of Your Garden
4 – Choose Your Crops
5 – Calculate the Quantity of Each Plant You Will Grow
6 – Map Your Garden Layout
7 – Schedule Your Plantings

Prepare Your Garden Space
8 – Choose Your Garden Location
9 – Build and Prepare Raised Beds
10 – Prepare Your Land (Ground Beds)

Cool Weather Crops
11 – Lettuce and Carrots
12 – Onions
13 – Peas
14 – Potatoes
15 – Blueberries

Summer Crops
16 – Tomatoes
17 – Peppers
18 – Zucchini and Squash
19 – Cucumbers
20 – Beans

Ongoing Care
21 – Mulch Options
22 – Irrigation Options
23 – Pruning Tomatoes


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