The Simple Garden Planner Printable Download


The Simple Garden Planner helps you organize your garden from planning through harvest and beyond.

  • Layout grids help you map out your garden.
  • Handy vegetable spacing and companion planting references help guide you as you plant.
  • Garden logs organized by both plant and date give you flexibility to keep track of your crops the way you prefer.
  • Harvest, Freezing, and Canning logs help you keep track of your harvest, which aid in planning for next season.
  • Garden recap space gives you the ability to plan for next year based on what worked (or didn’t) this year.
  • Ample notes space for you to use as you wish.

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I created the Simple Garden Planner because I simply couldn’t find a garden organizer to fit my purposes in a sequence that made sense to me. With this printable planner, print as many of the pages as you need and leave out the ones you don’t. Use it how ever you’d like!

Here’s how it works:


In Section 1, begin planning your garden — the fun part! You can use my suggestions but make it your own!


In Section 2, you’ll find layout grids to plan your garden plus quick references for plant spacing companion planting. I’ve also provided logs for you to use either by plant or by date. You may use them both or you might think one or the other is sufficient.


In Section 3, log your harvest. This is both a place for the harvest itself and for any freezing or canning you do. This tool will help you know how much to plant next season.


In Section 4, you’ll have a place to recap your garden and make adjustments for next year while it’s still fresh.

Research & Notes

And in Section 5, I’ve provided blank pages for notes — anything you want to record that I didn’t put in the other sections. If you’re a beginning gardener, you might use this for researching individual crops.

Use it how ever it fits you! Just enjoy it!


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