the beginner's garden

Discover what most beginning gardeners don't know about starting seeds that could help you avoid failure as you're starting your garden!

Are you afraid you'll start your seeds at the wrong time?  

Are you unsure of which seeds are best started indoors and which can be planted directly in your garden?  

Did you know that different seeds germinate at different soil temperatures -- and planting at the wrong time can result in low germination rates?  

If you're not completely certain about when to start which seeds and where, this 1-page Seed Starting Quick Reference Guide will save you the headache of endless research and frustration of seed starting failure.  

Grab this free download and get your seeds started out right!

Jill McSheehy Raised Beds

Hi, I'm Jill, and I grow a successful backyard garden year after year.

But it wasn't always that way.

Not too long ago I was a beginning gardener with no idea how to do the most basic tasks -- even planting seeds. But because I was determined, I spent hours in research preparing for my first garden.

And each year after that first successful garden, I've learned more and more -- this time also from the dirt on my hands instead of from the pages of books alone. 

Now, I teach other beginning gardeners -- just like me -- how to have their own successful gardens. 

After you grab the free guide on this page, I'll share more about my journey and I'll send you more free resources to help you on yours.

Learn more at my web site and podcast. But first...