Raised Bed Soil Options for Any Budget

Growing a home garden in raised beds has recently surged in popularity. And for good reason. Raised beds are beautiful, easy to maintain, and fit well in small spaces.

But in my conversations with beginning gardeners, one challenge continues to surface. Soil. What kind of soil do you fill your raised garden bed with? Is native soil okay? What about bagged soil from the garden center?

Not far behind these questions come questions of cost. Many gardeners are blindsided with sticker shock. For those of us who began growing a garden partly to save money, calculating the cost of soil can quickly make us doubt whether this gardening hobby is a worthwhile investment after all.

That’s why I wanted to offer soil options to the everyday gardener. From working on a next-to-nothing budget to having a little extra cushion to invest in your garden soil, in this guide, you’ll learn the specific options you have available.

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