2023 Complete Garden Planner & Journal Printable


Plan, log, and track your garden season from planning through harvest through this printable planner and journal. Print the pages you need and skip the ones you don’t. This customizable planner will help you get organized and stay organized from your earliest planning through the final days of the harvest!

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You want a garden planner to take you from the earliest stages of planning your season all the way through your harvest. It’s important that you can customize it to fit your particular garden’s needs. You want a journal to record the details you’ll forget otherwise. It would be nice to print out the pages you need and skip the ones you don’t. And maybe, you could use a few tips to help you out along the way.

The Complete Garden Planner fits all of those things, making it the most comprehensive yet customizable printable garden planner and journal on the market. 

Unlike pre-printed journals, you can customize your planner to fit your needs. Print multiples of some pages while skipping the ones that don’t apply to you. Mess up on your layout? (because we all do) Just print out another sheet.

UPDATED FOR 2023, the Complete Garden Planner & Journal is divided into 5 Sections with 132 printable pages including:

Garden Planning Journal

  • Garden Goal Planner Page
  • Harvest Goals Worksheet to make sure you plant crops that are ingredients for your favorite recipes
  • Garden Space & Size Planner for Raised Beds, Ground Beds, and Containers
  • Seed Inventory Log (space for vegetables, herbs, flowers, and cover crops)
  • Seed/Plant Research Worksheet
  • Companion Planting worksheet
  • How Many to Plant Worksheet
  • When to Plant Worksheet
  • Guided worksheets to help you plan and notate important details throughout the season.
  • Expanded writing areas for journaling.
  • Full Season Garden Plan Worksheet to strategically plan succession planting
  • Special areas for Fall Garden Planning
  • Layout Grids for Raised Beds, Ground Beds, and Containers
  • “To Buy” Running List
  • Budget Log
  • Expense Tracker

Monthly Garden Calendar

  • Plan your to-do list for each week of the year
  • December 2022 – December 2023, also includes a blank calendar for future years

Garden Growing Journal

  • Indoor Seed Starting Log
  • Plant Log to record details from planting to harvest and note-taking:
    • Date seeds planted or transplanted
    • Date harvest begins
    • Variety notes
    • Other notes
  • Includes sections for:
    • Cool Season Crops
    • Warm Season Crops
    • Herbs & Flowers
    • Cover Crops

Weekly Garden Observations Journal

  • Record what you did in the garden
  • Journal what you observed
  • Jot down ideas for next year
  • Track each week’s weather
  • Record pests sighted, beneficial insects sighted, and disease observed

Harvest & Preserving Log

  • Preserving Plan Worksheet to Prepare for Preserving Season
  • Harvest Log by Date for all of your garden
  • Harvest Log by Crop for repeated pickings for crops such as tomatoes, corn, beans, and more
  • Freezer log with space to tally your products, mark off when they are used, and evaluate your surplus or when you ran out, for more accurate crop quantity planning next season
  • Canning log with all of the above, plus space to indicate quarts, pints, or half-pints
  • Dehydration Log
  • Homegrown Herbs & Spices Log
  • Seed Saving Log

PLUS — many of the pages include helpful “Tips from Jill” on the timing of garden tasks and how to most effectively use the planner and journal.

NEW FOR 2023:

Choose from three different color schemes:

  • Original: light colored pastels, designed to use less ink while still having a stylish appeal
  • Dark: same color scheme as the Original, with slightly darker colors for easier-to-read contrast
  • Black & White: printer friendly grayscale to save money on color ink

When you buy the planner, you will receive all three color schemes so you can decide which one will work best for you.

Besides helping you plan, log, and track your garden season from planning through harvest this season, the Complete Garden Planner and Journal will become a valuable resource as you plan next season’s garden based on your experience this year.



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