The Productive Garden Masterclass

Triple Your Harvest

in Half the Time

with the Space You Already Have


Tuesday, February 7: 7 PM CDT


Wednesday, February 8: 10 AM CDT


Wednesday, February 8: 2 PM CDT


Thursday, February 9: 10 AM CDT


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

The Biggest Mistakes New Gardeners Make When They Plant At The Wrong Time
(and how to avoid them) 

2 Climate Tricks That Few People Talk About
but will make a huge difference in your success

3 Strategies To Get You Planting and Harvesting More
without spending more time in the garden
(it will actually cut DOWN on everyone's least favorite gardening chore, weeding!) 


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Get ready, because your garden is about to change in a BIG way. 

Whether this year is your first attempt at a garden or you're ready to scale up your garden efforts, 2023 can be the year you've been dreaming about. 

Regardless of the space you have, you can take simple steps to not only increase your total harvest but also begin harvesting in months you never expected. 

Join me as I show you how incorporating these simple principles into your garden plan can set you up for your best garden ever. 

This Masterclass is a MUST-attend IF

You want to grow MORE of your own food for more months of the year and cut back on your ever-increasing grocery bill.

✅ You're not quite sure when to plant what, and which plants to start first.

✅ You always seem to be behind, and you're not sure how to make a garden work into your already busy life

✅ You're afraid you'll fail if you don't get everything "just right."

✅ You're not sure how to fit in everything you want to grow in your limited space.

These simple strategies you can use right now to ensure a harvest for months on end!

You Could Win this!

Some of my favorite garden brands have teamed up to offer you the opportunity to win this INCREDIBLE prize package!

All you have to do is register for the Masterclass, and you're entered!

AND, while we will have a limited-time replay available if you can't come live, many of these brands are also giving away products during each live class!

items in masterclass giveaway

A Personal Invitation from Jill...

Jill McSheehy in garden

I've been growing my own garden since 2013 -- long enough to have learned a few things but not long enough that I don't remember what it's like to have all the questions

I started out like you probably did. I planted one summer garden and stopped there. But over the years I've discovered a whole new world of harvesting almost year-round.

And I've never looked back.

This masterclass is an accumulation of techniques I've learned in over ten years of gardening -- and the answers to questions I get every day from gardeners like you. 

But I don't want it to take you a decade to plant and harvest the garden of your dreams.

If you're ready to make your 2023 your garden year, I can't wait to help you shortcut your way to a fulfilling, productive garden for more months than you ever thought possible.

Choose the time that work best for you --

See you there! 

Times listed are based on the time zone set on the device you use to register.

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