Create a personalized
3-season garden plan
to grow what you love to eat

Dream to Garden course

"I now have a clear sense of when to start my seeds for each season, when to plant, and what I'm going to be growing to help keep food on the table all year long from the garden."


Whether you've been gardening a few years or if this is your first season, and you want to eat more food you’ve grown yourself, you already know that you need to have a plan.

You know that a productive garden hinges on planting at the right time, using succession planting and companion planting strategically, and planning ahead so you're never behind.  

You also know that a proper plan can lessen the physical exhaustion and the mid-season burnout.  

Jill McSheehy in garden

Even though you have the motivation to plan and grow your garden, the path to doing it isn't always clear. 

jill in garden

Consider what's possible...

Imagine going from having garden ideas
(but no path to make them happen),
to developing a
*full season garden plan*
where you'll know exactly what to do each week for the next 6+ months...

and continually harvest until next winter (or beyond).

Here's what that would look like...

Even if you have some ideas (and maybe you’ve even bought some seeds!), having a detailed full-season plan will:  

  • Ensure you plant your first crops at the right time
    ...because planting too early or too late can hurt your harvest, but growing them at the right time can increase your yields.  
  • Show you when to plant succession crops that you can expect a harvest not just one time this year but throughout the growing season — even into the winter!  
  • Reduce your weeding ...because when plants grow at proper spacing and mulch is applied at the ideal time, weeds have less of an opportunity to take hold in your garden, meaning less weeding for you!
  • Provide a larger harvest with a smaller space that you’ll make the most of the space you do have by implementing strategic succession planting, smart companion planting, and creative vertical gardening.
  • Save money on your garden
    ...because when you maximize the space you have, and make wise decisions on where and when to purchase the supplies you need, and avoid buying what you won’t use, you'll avoid throwing money into a hobby that doesn't return your investment.  
  • Amplify the pleasure your garden provides you you can enjoy and learn from your garden instead of fretting about the details
  • Show you precisely what to do each week of the season you don't have to worry about forgetting tasks or fear starting too late
Yes, I want this!

"I finally had a full-fledged garden that produced a harvest in ABUNDANCE. I was able to learn the right time to plant for each variety and was able to provide for my family in a way I’ve never been able to before."


Dream to Garden course

The Online Garden Planning Course that will help you plan a full season garden in 4 weeks (or less).

"It brings me so much joy to grow my own food year round and I feel like I have gained the confidence to do so because of this course..."


Dream to Garden course on desk

Dream to Garden

is the ONLY program of its kind that 

  • Goes beyond teaching you gardening best-practices and instead walks you step-by-step into implementing a full-season garden plan customizable to your garden, your climate, and your space
  • Guides you to plant your crops at the right time
  • Demonstrates the best options to plan succession plantings for the highest yield over the longest period of time
  • Shows you how to use companion planting to reap a larger harvest in a smaller space
  • Decreases your stress during the season with proven full-season garden calendaring techniques
Dream to Garden Module 1

Module 1:
Field of Dreams

Develop a customized working list of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers you want to grow, identify which season each will grow best in, and determine what type of garden method you'll use.

Dream to Garden Module 2

Module 2:
Three Season Garden Timeline

Set planting dates based on your climate, calculate how long each crop will take up garden space, and identify potential succession planting and fall gardening opportunities.

Module 3

Module 3:
Three Season Garden Layout

Draw your garden layout, which will include succession planting, companion planting, and your fall garden from the earliest planting to the end of the season.

Module 4

Module 4:
Plan Your Garden Year

Place every garden task -- planting dates, projects, purchases, and more -- on your Dream to Garden Monthly Calendar, so you will know when to do each task throughout the season.

"I have told so many friends that if they truly want to have success in gardening to get this course. It’s 100% effective! Every video and lesson is packed full of vital information to get you started right, every step of the way through to harvest."


Here's What You Get When You Enroll Today

Dream to Garden course

Dream to Garden Course - $179 value

With 22 video-driven lessons, I'll walk you step by step through how to plan your garden for the entire season. By the end of Module 4, your 2023 Dream to Garden Monthly Calendar will be full of everything you need to accomplish each week -- letting you focus on growing and harvesting.

Dream to Garden Workbook

Dream to Garden Printable Workbook

Each lesson contains an action step for you to complete in your garden plan, and the Dream to Garden workbook walks you through how to implement what you learn. You'll also find "cheat sheets" for common crops, including planting times relative to your climate, so you'll have no more guessing whether you're planting at the right time.

Dream to Garden Exclusive Facebook Group

Office Hours with Jill + Students-Only Community

You're not in this alone! To support you on your garden journey, I'll host "office hours" in February, via Zoom.

Plus, you'll be invited to the students-only Dream to Garden Facebook group. In this helpful community, get advice from past Dream to Garden students and connect with those going through it for the first time with you.

Mini Course Bundle

BONUS #1: Mini-Course Bundle ($97 value)

If you're not sure whether to indoor sow, direct sow, or transplant, Before You Sow will walk you through your options so you can best decide before you begin Dream to Garden. Learn basic companion planting principles in Companion Planting 101 so you can have an idea how to incorporate that in your garden layout in Module 3. And if you're gardening in raised beds, the Raised Bed Mini-Bundle will help you in building, placing, and filling your raised beds.

Beginner's Garden Shortcut Bonus

BONUS #2: Beginner's Garden Shortcut ($99 value)

Once you have your garden planned through Dream to Garden, the Beginner's Garden Shortcut will help you with the basic skills to GROWING it!


We're certain that YOU will join the hundreds of others who are completely satisfied with Dream to Garden, but if you join the course, work through at least Modules 1 and 2, and realize the course isn't right for you, simply let us know with 15 days of purchase, and we will refund your investment.

Join Dream to Garden today and start making your garden dreams come to life!

Just like in your garden, you have options. Choose which one is best for you.


Dream to Garden course

Dream to Garden
Option 1:
3 Payments of $39


  • Lifetime access to Dream to Garden ($179 value)
  • Dream to Garden Printable Workbook
  • Office Hours / Coaching Calls with Jill (Feb. 2024)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Before You Sow Mini-Course ($19 value)
  • Companion Planting 101 Mini-Course ($29 value)
  • Raised Bed Mini-Bundle ($49 value)
  • The Beginner's Garden Shortcut Online Course ($99 value)

$39/month x 3 months


Dream to Garden course

Dream to Garden
Option 2:
Single Payment of $97

Best Value

  • Lifetime access to Dream to Garden ($179 value)
  • Dream to Garden Printable Workbook
  • Office Hours / Coaching Calls with Jill (Feb. 2024)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Before You Sow Mini-Course ($19 value)
  • Companion Planting 101 Mini-Course ($29 value)
  • Raised Bed Mini-Bundle ($49 value)
  • The Beginner's Garden Shortcut Online Course ($99 value)

$97 one time


Dream to Garden + Harvest to Kitchen Value Bundle: $179

After you plan your garden, get ready to pick, prepare, and preserve your harvest.

  • Lifetime access to Dream to Garden Course ($179 value) + Printable Workbook
  • Office Hours / Coaching Calls with Jill (Feb. 2024)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • All Dream to Garden Bonuses ($196+ value)
  • Lifetime access to Harvest to Kitchen ($149 value) -- 70+ videos on canning, freezing, and dehydrating, and more for the most common crops in the garden

$179 one time

or 3 payments of $64

Yes, YOU can have a Full Season Garden.

In Dream to Garden you’ll be introduced to my unique, proven process of planning a full season garden, which will help you rise above the mediocre results you’d otherwise get by winging it.  

You’ll find your dream garden to be much easier to plan than you ever thought possible, and more than that, you’ll set yourself up to harvest the crops that serve you and your home.  

Sure, all gardens have unforeseen factors that arise, but with this plan your entire garden dreams won’t come crashing down with one late freeze, an abnormally wet spring, or a barrage of unexpected pests. Even if you do stumble into struggles in one area this year due to those unpredictable factors, you can confidently know you have new crops ready to make up for it.  

But I don’t want you to have to wait months to see if this plan might work for you. Enroll right now, watch a few short lessons, and start seeing when your favorite crops will take center stage in your garden.  

By the end of Module 2 — where you’ll begin developing your Three Season Garden Timeline — if you can’t see the vision of your dream garden coming to life, just let me know at [email protected] within 15 days and I’ll refund your investment. 

Real Results that Speak for Themselves...

Becky with harvest of greens

"I had minimal success in my gardens before Dream To Garden. With following the course I was able to efficiently plan out my garden in advance which helped take the guess work away or that last minute scramble of trying to figure out what to do. I finally had a garden that produced a harvest in ABUNDANCE."

- Becky -
Charlottesville, Virginia


"I took the Dream to Garden course hoping to understand the seasons of my region and to be able to use that knowledge to garden all year long. I was able to garden all year because of the plan, the clear teaching, and the understanding passed on by Jill in her course."

- Alicia -
Northern California

"Dream to Garden helped me to be more organized and efficient. I learned so much about timing, how to plan the garden layout and when to sow seeds. Specifically, planning the fall garden was a huge success for me."

- Deborah -

leslie's garden

"I knew absolutely nothing about how to grow a garden. Dream to garden taught me everything from what are cool and warm season crops, to planting from seeds and transplanting, how to set up my garden beds, to succession planting. I still can’t believe all I accomplished and I could not thank Jill enough for her courses and podcast! The Dream to Garden was everything I needed and more!"

- Leslie

"Expect to come up with a clear plan of action to make your gardening dreams come true. After this course, you will have the confidence to use all the seasons to have fresh & preserved food to feed your family."


What current members of Dream to Garden are saying...

Creating a plan in an easy-to-understand way that was completely personalized to my space, my garden, and truly what I wanted, step by step and it ended up in a calendar!!! Such a wealth of information, which I could simply go on and on about, in how this course helped me become a better gardener in 2022!!!

I LOVE the Dream to Garden course so far!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the smart and thoughtful way you suggest breaking down the rather overwhelming task of planning the garden. I would never do it without this course! --Karen

I loved [Dream to Garden]!! I planted 75 tomato plants and canned enough spaghetti and pizza sauce to last our family for two years! The information you share is invaluable and I thank you for your time in putting this course together!  --Jessica

Now I can finally plant my garden and get everything planted at the exact times they should be. No more wasting my time, money on seeds, and most important to me, my effort. Jill has done all of the hard work for me! I can’t recommend Jill’s class, Dream to Garden, enough! --Kathy

In the last 40+ years, I've had many gardens, yet I have always been frustrated with the results—too much effort for too little reward. Despite being very organized, I needed help finding that magic formula for gardening success. Through the Dream to Garden course, Jill McSheehy has given me that missing bit of magic that has transformed how I approach gardening. Jill is more detailed and thorough than any other gardener I've ever come across, helping students think through those key planning steps that so many gloss over or skip entirely. With my new garden plan in hand -- a plan in which I had mapped out every task for rotating crops in and out of my limited space -- I sailed through a successful spring and summer garden. --Anne

I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying this entire experience.  The garden planning and learning is making my life so much fuller and hopefully this winter shorter.” —Karel

What people ask before enrolling in the course:

What if I’ve already done some planning for next year’s garden?

Great! While this is course will serve those who haven’t even begun to plan their gardens, you will be a step ahead in narrowing down your garden’s focus for the year, and you are in a great position to tweak those plans even further to set yourself up for an even longer season with a bigger harvest.  

Is this for gardeners in any climate?

Most Dream to Garden students garden in the US or Canada (or places with similar climates). Whether you have a short growing season or a long one, this course will guide you to identifying major dates around which you will plant your crops and plan their growth. And unlike many garden resources, you’ll learn how to take advantage of growing times outside the typical growing season window.  

Can’t I just find succession planting and companion planting ideas online?

You absolutely can, and in fact, I encourage you to! But understanding how to best choose which successions and companions will work in your garden is what will help you make the most of these critical harvest-maximizing techniques. Plus, I also show you how to choose between succession planting and its cousin, relay planting (my favorite), and even other options to open up more possibilities for success. AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, I show you how to fit these options into your garden layout without losing your mind. ;)

Why should I pay for an online course when so much information on gardening is already available to me?

Online garden articles, videos, podcasts, and books are all excellent resources for successful gardening techniques. They tell you the “what” to do. This course goes a step further into the “how” to do it. Through my online training and the Dream to Garden Workbook, I walk you step-by-step how to execute and put in place the “how’s” behind the “what’s.” I include my own garden plan in many cases as an example. It’s similar to comparing reading a book about baseball to having a player show you how the game is played. And, in the office hours (which will be recorded if you can't make it), I'll be available to help you out if you get stuck or have questions along the way. 

Why can’t I just make a basic plan and then figure the rest out as the season progresses?

You totally can; in fact, most people do just that. (I did it my first couple of years myself!) But from my experience and what I’ve seen of others over the years, you risk losing a huge opportunity to grow and harvest more. In the middle of the season, when your spring and early summer crops are done or are looking sad, you’re more likely to give up and call it a season, rather than taking full advantage of the growing time remaining. By following my plan and executing it throughout the season, you set yourself up for a greater harvest.  

Will I get access to the full course right away?

When you enroll, you will gain immediate access to the full course. In that first email, I'll also walk you through where to start first.

What if I enroll and I realize it’s not the course for me?

Email me within 15 days of enrollment, and I will refund the course fee to you.  

When I enroll, what will I get access to first?

Immediately upon enrollment, I’ll send you an email with login instructions to the course. You will see a welcome video that will show you around the site and help you know where to start.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does "lifetime" sound? As long as I still sell and maintain the course (and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon), you have full access to the course platform, including any future updates. If at some point I choose to close the course in the distant future, you'll be given the opportunity to download the videos to access anytime on your own device.

What if I'm not on Facebook?

While we do offer the students-only Facebook Group, I added the "office hours" in February to better serve students who prefer not to be on Facebook. Until then, you can access the past two years worth of office hours on replay within the course! Also, the comments section within the course is always open, and I try to respond as quickly as possible to my students. My students are my top priority!

Dream to Garden is perfect for you if...

  • You’re growing your first garden (or your first garden in a new space) and you want plan it right the first time.  
  • You’ve had a few gardens in your past and you know you need a better, more strategic plan to increase your harvests over what you’ve already experienced.  
  • You can’t contain your excitement over the possibilities of this garden season, but you fear you may not get it right on your own.  
  • You aren’t 100% sure you know when to plant all of your crops or how much space each one requires in your garden for the best results.  
  • You’re willing to invest a couple of hours per week in the planning, planting, and growing your garden from now until the season ends.  
  • You know that having a plan will actually save you money in the long-run because you won’t be throwing money away at a poorly-planned garden.  
  • You’ve already got an idea in your mind of what you’d love your garden to achieve this season.  
  • You’re ready to begin implementing succession planting and companion planting to get more harvest from your space, but you're not quite sure how to do it effectively.  
  • You’re excited to learn how to ensure every space of soil in your garden is growing something all growing season.  
  • You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 15 days to test it out. You’re ready to jump in and watch the lessons and plan out your garden in these 4 modules over the course of the next 4 weeks.  


If you've said "Yes" to at least 6 of the above, I can't wait to meet you in Dream to Garden!