Indoor Seed Starting for Beginners


Are you considering starting seeds for your garden inside? Indoor seed starting comes with many benefits — an earlier start to the season, wider selection of plant varieties, and the joy of growing something in the winter!

But many beginning indoor seed starters run into challenges. To make your seed starting endeavor a success, take a look at these articles and make sure you’re armed with the basic knowledge you need before you get started.

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Buying Seeds at Feed Store or Farmer's Co-Op

Is Indoor Seed Starting Right For You?

Did you spend your Christmas break going through seed catalogs and placing orders for everything?! Don’t worry if you didn’t, you’re not behind. In fact, in past years, I’ve eagerly rushed my seed buying and ended up with way too much. Can you relate? (It’s just so much fun!) As a beginning gardener, I rushed

How to Start Seeds Indoors: Tips for Beginners

Maybe you want to try to start seeds indoors for the first time. Or maybe you’ve tried in the past with little (or no) success. While attempting to start seeds indoors can prove intimidating, once you get the hang of the basics, it’s really not as hard as you might think. And the benefits are

5 Seed Starting Mistakes Beginning Gardeners Make

You browse the vibrant seed catalog, perhaps even with a marker in hand. So many choices! So many possibilities! How do you pick? How do you make sure you don’t waste money buying seeds you won’t have room to plant or worse, that won’t grow in your area? But maybe you’re not even asking those questions


Soil Blocking: Pros and Cons to Using Soil Blocks in Indoor Seed Starting

Have you seen the popular indoor seed starting method — soil blocking — where you start seeds indoors without using containers? Perhaps you’re intrigued like I was at first, but you’re wondering: is starting seeds in soil blocks right for you? I’ve used soil blocks in my indoor seed starting setup for a few seasons.

emerging seedlings in soil blocks

What Happens if You Don’t Thin Seedlings

Is is really that big of deal if you don’t thin seedlings? When you plant garden crops from seed — whether indoors or directly in the garden — you may find yourself in a dilemma that most beginning gardeners face: LOTS of sprouts! Planting Seeds Too Close Together One one hand, you’re excited. They sprouted!

tomato in soil block

Potting Up: What is it and How to Do It

Have you started your indoor seeds already? If so, perhaps you’ve noticed your little plant babies are growing, growing, growing! But, what happens when they outgrow their starting space but the weather hasn’t warmed up enough to plant them outside? Well, we must pot them up. If you are new to this process or don’t

zucchini harvest

6 Crops Beginners Can Grow from Seed Directly in the Garden (No Indoor Seed-Starting Required)

Which crops can be planted from seed directly in garden with no indoor seed starting? That’s a common question with beginning gardeners. Along with the excitement of growing a new garden, an unwelcome but familiar emotion usually comes along: fear. What if it doesn’t work? What if I don’t know enough? What if I fail?

Buying Seeds at Feed Store or Farmer's Co-Op

Where to Buy Seeds

Once gardeners get an idea what crops they want to plant, beginning gardeners ask, “Where should I buy seeds?” With a plethora of sources — local options, online seed companies, and seed catalogs — it’s hard to know the best places to buy your garden seeds. While longtime gardeners already have their favorite seed companies,

Ready to get started with growing your own seeds indoors? Learn which seeds to start indoors and which to plant directly in the garden, plus a discussion on heirloom vs hybrid seeds in my mini-course: Before You Sow

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