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Is it possible that organic gardening can actually be an option for everyone? We all know the high prices of organic food at the grocery store. But what if you could grow your own organic vegetables where you live?

A common misconception is that you have to have a lot of land to grow a garden. But that’s just not true! CaliKim has been growing her own organic fruits and vegetables in a small California backyard for years.

And she has become so passionate about making sure others know how doable this is — as you might have seen in her YouTube channel — that she has written a book to equip new gardeners in this fun and exciting venture of home organic gardening.

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Kim’s new book, Organic Gardening for Everyone, walks you through every step to preparing, planting, and harvesting your garden. She focuses on the big picture of why you would want to grow you own food and what it can mean for your family and your community.

In this episode of the Beginner’s Garden Podcast, Kim answers some of your common questions about organic gardening and gardening in a small space. Click below to listen to our full conversation or keep reading for the highlights. Then, make sure and grab a copy of Organic Gardening for Everyone!

What kind of organic fertilizer should I use?

Kim recommends worm castings, also known as vermicompost. (You can learn how to make your own vermicompost here.)

Worms are amazing for the soil. They aerate the soil and their castings (aka worm poop) are nutrient-dense and wonderful for our plants. Worm tea is a by-product of worm castings and adds so many benefits to our garden.

One of the great things about worm castings and worm tea is that it is very gentle and you won’t burn your plants like you can with other fertilizers. (And, worm castings help control aphids!)

What are some ways to make the most of a small garden space?

When limited by a small area in which to grow, gardeners can employ two common small-space growing techniques: vertical gardening, creative space and plant management, and container gardening.

Growing up instead of out makes a big difference. Trellises can be placed in very creative ways around the garden. When you utilize vertical gardening, you make more room in the soil to add more plants.

Creative space and plant management is when you find small areas of garden space that aren’t being used. Then, you tuck some plants into those small corners around your yard. Great “tucking” plants include onions, carrots, herbs, lettuce, and greens.

Kim’s favorite way to expand her garden in a small space is to use containers. You will be amazed at what you can grow in containers! Fabric grow bags, like Kim’s favorite Smart Pots, are simple to use. The fabric is aerated so that the roots of the plant are healthier than in a plastic or terra cotta pot. Plants that grow in these bags tend to be much more successful than in traditional pots for these reasons.

organic gardening for everyone by calikim

Organic Gardening for Everyone

Kim believes that anyone can grow their own food and organic gardening doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems. In her book, she walks you through everything you need to know to have a successful garden.

You can follow her on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for more tips on organic gardening. And make sure to check out her website and seed store!

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