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It’s funny how the most obvious garden questions seemed to trip me up in the beginning. What exactly was the difference between snap peas, shelling peas, and snow peas, for example?

Though I’m still learning the ins and outs of growing peas, I feel like I’ve finally got a good handle on it. If you’re interested in growing peas, I answer some basic questions for beginning gardeners, such as:

  • When do I need to plant them?
  • Can they handle cold snaps?
  • Will they grow in the heat of the summer?
  • Do they need a trellis?
  • If I want to grow shelling peas, how many do I need to plant?
  • How do I plant them? How far apart? How long until they sprout?
  • When are they ready to harvest?
  • What do I do if I’ve waited too long to pick?
  • How can I use peas to get two harvests in the same garden space?

For the answers to these common questions and more, click below to listen to the podcast:

Show Notes

Difference Between a Frost and a Freeze (Blog Post):

Difference Between a Frost and a Freeze

How I create a trellis out of twine for vining peas:

Pea Trellis

Video: How to know when to harvest snap and shelling peas:

Video: Planting Peas and Cucumbers using the same trellis:

Video: Use Peas with Succession Planting to get 3 Harvests from One Garden Space:

Now you’re ready to plant some peas this season!


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