How to Start Organizing Your Garden with the Simple Garden Planner

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The most common complaint I hear from those wanting to start a garden is their inability to stay organized enough to grow a successful garden.

When you’re organized, you’d be surprised what you can accomplish.

Different Methods of Organization

When I started planning my first garden, I used free printables online but none of them gave me exactly what I needed. I also used a fancy Moleskine garden journal, which I really liked, but it ran out of layout grid space and had pages I didn’t use.

I also wanted a planner I could take out in the garden with me. I took my pretty Moleskine planner out in the garden, but I always worried about ruining it.

Garden Log

I’m Not the Only One

I wondered if I was the only one who couldn’t find a suitable method of garden organization. So I went to Amazon and looked at reviews of current garden planners on the market.

I was right. The same issues I had with my garden organizing methods were the same issues others had had.

Then one year, I had an impulsive thought: I’d create my own! So I set to work and my very first planner was born.

garden layout grid

when to plant

The Garden Organizer I’ve Always Wanted

The Simple Garden Planner gives me space to dream, room for planning my garden layout,  a place to plan what I need to buy and when I need to plant what, and more. In addition, I like to keep track of my harvest and how much I’m able to can and freeze. This is very helpful in deciding what and how much to plant next year. I also included a fall recap chart where at the end of the season I note how each crop did and what I need to do differently next year. That makes next season’s planning that much easier!

Simple Garden Planner

Plus, how many times have you gone out in the garden, ready to plant a crop, and forgot how far apart the seeds (or plants) needed to be? My planner has a quick reference sheet for plant spacing and even companion planting. That way you won’t have to lug your gardening books outside (yes I did that a LOT my first couple of seasons!).


Does this sound like the planner you’ve always wanted, too?

Click here to peek inside and see more features to the Simple Garden Planner.

Though the pre-printed spiral-bound planner is no longer available, you can purchase the printable version here. Customize the number of pages you print, and either place them in a 3-ring binder or take it to your local office supply store for spiral binding of your choice.

I want you to succeed in your garden venture because I know how rewarding a successful garden is. And I’ve seen the frustration of others when their garden didn’t go as planned.

And in my opinion it all starts with organization.

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