What to Do with Your End of Season Tomato Harvest

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After the peak summer tomato harvest, my tomatoes slow down to a trickle. This is nice because I still have tomatoes but frustrating because I have too few to do anything with.

How to Avoid Letting Your End of Season Tomatoes Go to Waste

But one year I found a method that worked perfectly for these last stragglers. I simply put them in the freezer as I pick them. I don’t have to wash or cut them; they go into the freezer whole.

Tomatoes in Freezer

After I’ve accumulated enough tomatoes for a meal or for a canner load of crushed or diced tomatoes, I bring them out of the freezer to thaw. The thawing process takes several hours, though in a pinch, I’ve used my Instant Pot to thaw them in minutes.

Thawing Tomatoes

After the tomatoes have thawed, I peel the skins off. Freshly thawed, the skins slip off easily. With no need for blanching, this is a huge timesaver!

Once the skins are peeled and the excess liquid discarded, I either dice them or run an immersion blender through them.

Crushed Tomatoes

Finally, I’m able to process them in a water bath canner or use them fresh for the evening’s dinner!

What do you make from your tomato harvest?

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  1. You have made me a convert on freezing tomatoes! Here it is February, and I can still make fresh sauce! SO GOOD when it’s snowing outside! I don’t even bother removing the skin or seeds.

  2. Don’t discard the juice! Bring it to about 150 degrees F (DO NOT BOIL), put it in a hot jar with 1/4 tsp canning salt for an 8 oz jar, or 1/2 tsp for a pint, or 1 tsp for a quart. Hotwater bath for 40 miniutes for pints, 45 minutes for quarts. Delicious!!!!
    If you don’t have enough to can, just use a little salt, refrigerate and enjoy. Also can be used in soups, etc.

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