6 Gifts for the Gardener on Your List

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Do you have a gardener on your shopping list? Are you a gardener yourself? Then you’ll love these gifts for gardeners – my very favorite go-to tools I use all year.

6 Gift Ideas for Gardeners | Journey with Jill

*note: some links below are affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. But I only recommend items I personally use and enjoy. Thank you for your support!

Rogue Hoe

Rogue Hoe | Journey with Jill

I discovered the Rogue Hoe at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show last February when my eye caught the White Harvest Seed Company’s exhibit. I explained to the gentleman that I needed a good weeding hoe since my back injury prohibited my bending over much. He pointed me to this one right away and I took his word for it. Later, while walking through the exhibits, an older gentleman saw what I was carrying and told me this was the best hoe he had ever used. A few months later I began using my new toy. Let me tell you. The hype was 100% correct. If you buy ANYTHING on this list, this is it.

(Note, the link to purchase this hoe is to White Harvest Seed Company’s web site. If the item says “out of stock,” contact Mike and ask him to locate one for you. Most likely, he will be able to get one!)

Wonder Grips Nitrile Gloves

I can’t count how many gardening gloves I’ve tried over the years. I found these, again, at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, and they’ve proved to be my go-to gloves. They are thin enough for me to feel what I’m doing, yet durable enough to tackle the toughest jobs. The grip prevents moisture from getting on my skin, which is especially helpful during the wet spring. And they’ve even held up to washing them in the washing machine.

Moleskine Gardening Journal

My mom bought me this journal my second year of gardening. I enjoyed how I can keep track of multiple years. I primarily used the Design and Garden Log section, and it also has blank pages where I keep an inventory of my seeds and plan out my goals each year.

**Update: I used this journal for three years and then I ran out of room. Instead of buying a new one, I decided to create my own based on what I wanted in a garden journal. You can view my Simple Garden Planner here.

Barnel Garden Hand Pruner

I needed some good secateurs to harvest my crops, but I use it also in trimming vines and other projects. I didn’t know the difference between the expensive ones and the cheap ones but I decided to try a more expensive kind when I saw them up close at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show. (I know, I’m mentioning that a lot, but it was very helpful for me!) These have been durable and have stayed sharp this whole season. I especially like the two width adjustments, where you can clip different sized stems.

Gardening Belt

It seems I can never go out to the garden without needing more hands than I have. My garden belt holds my phone (I enjoy listening to podcasts and music as I garden), secateurs, twine, seeds, and anything else I might need.

(Note: If the link above does not link to the tool belt pictured, it’s not in stock. This gardener’s tool belt would be a good alternative.)

Everything Grow Your Own Vegetables Book

For beginning gardeners, this is a perfect book to get started on the basics. I read this over and over, especially my first year. Here are more books you might like.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a gardener in your life, or you are a gardener and want to pass on this blog to your loved ones (with a hint, hint!), I hope these ideas are helpful. If you enjoyed these ideas, check out the other lists of garden resources I’ve compiled below.

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    1. It looks like (at least for the time being), the belt I use is no longer available. Here is a similar belt that would serve the same function as the one I own. Although it doesn’t have the two separate compartments, I find I usually only use one most of the time anyway. https://amzn.to/2RwrEHC

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