Savor Your Harvest

with delectable garden-fresh recipes

Has this ever happened to you?

  • Your garden produces way more than you expected and suddenly you’re neck-deep in zucchini (or cucumbers or tomatoes) and you scramble to find new recipes?
  • You get overly ambitious at your local U-pick blueberry farm and can’t decide how you’re going to eat (or preserve) all these blueberries (or peaches)?
  • You score a great deal at your local farmer’s market or on in-season produce at the grocery store and want to try a new way to prepare your latest purchase?

You’re going to love my Garden Fresh Recipes. I’ve found myself in each of those situations and have had my share of Pinterest flops.

  • Enjoy my staple blueberry pancakes that we have so often my 10-year-old can make them by himself.
  • Go on the wild side with sweet & spicy peach salsa.
  • Freshen up a summer dish with black-eyed pea salad.
  • Get back to your southern roots (even if you’re not southern) with fried okra.
  • And more!

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You’re going to love my Garden Fresh Recipes.

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