Journey through Acts


Devotional, Bible Study, & Journal in one. Journey through Acts is a guide for you to engage with the Bible in a way you never have before. Each day’s lesson from the book of Acts is only 2 pages long. You’ll read through a short passage and a life application devotional. Guided journal space allows you to pull out truths you may have otherwise missed, and short, easy-to-understand commentary aids in bringing the text to life.

Take your Bible reading to the next level and learn about the fascinating lives of the earliest Christians and how you can apply what you learn in your life today.

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Christians today trace our heritage of faith to the first followers of Christ in the book of Acts. Through this captivating account of these believers, you will discover that modern-day culture is not all that different — and its lessons are just as applicable today as they were two thousand years ago.

Three in One: Bible Study, Devotional, and Journal

In this unique format, Jill McSheehy combines three Bible study methods into one. Each daily lesson directs you to a passage to read and a guided section to jot your thoughts. Next to the journal space you will find contextual, historic, and background information. This will assist you in better understanding the passage. Finally, a life application devotion accompanies each day’s text. Each element combines to form a deep but guided look at one of the most fascinating books in Scripture.

Journey through Acts and encounter this book in a way you haven’t experienced before!


“I simply couldn’t give this “journey” a more positive recommendation. I am confident that it will enrich anyone’s honest look at the book of Acts, while also helping disciples of Christ learn the basics and beyond of inductive Bible study. It is a powerful study tool for women (and men, alike). Pick it up and enjoy the journey through one of the most foundational books for both the historic and modern church in God’s Word.”
Greg Sykes, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Russellville, Arkansas
“Journey through Acts is an important book for anyone desiring to be inspired and challenged by the formation and mission of the early church. Read the book of Acts with Jill and be ready to be used by God in accomplishing his mission of boldly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.”
Michael Cloud, Equipping Pastor-Education/Assimilation, First Baptist Church, Russellville, Arkansas


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